Guildford Borough Council Environmental Health

The Environmental Health department is responsible for providing advice and enforcing the law and regulation concerning the preparation of food, cleanliness of premises, health and safety for tattooist and body piercing and noise control. They also deal with pest control and are responsible for the Dog Warden service.


The food safety team is responsible for ensuring that food which is produced, prepared, distributed or sold in over 1100 food premises in Guildford Borough is safe and fit to eat. Environmental health practitioners do this by providing advice to food businesses and by carrying out regular risk-based inspections of businesses to check that they are complying with food safety legislation.


An ‘Air Quality Strategy’ has been published after a period of consultation during 2003. The document sets out how Guildford should approach air quality from a strategic viewpoint. The initiation is voluntary listing a number of initiatives which can be followed as a template for the future. This can  be viewed via the downloads section of this page.


The Council has powers under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 to deal with certain types of noise which cause a statutory nuisance.

Statutory nuisance is more than just annoyance and will have a significant impact on the health and wellbeing of anyone affected. Some people may find a noise annoying, but it might not be a statutory nuisance in the eyes of the law.

The assessment of statutory nuisance cannot take into account individual sensitivities e.g. medical conditions, disabilities etc officers must assess how the nuisance would affect the average, everyday person.

To make a complaint or obtain further information go to  or call 01483 505050.

Pest control

Guildford Borough Council offers residents a comprehensive subsidised pest control service for domestic premises to control infestations of rats, mice, fleas, wasps and other pests in the borough. The contract is operated through SDK Environmental Ltd.

For further information go to  or call 01483 505050

Please click here to visit the Guildford Borough Council Environmental Health section on  their website.

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